The Installation

The installation traces the most profound aspects of being a "desplazado", a refugee in his own country, one of those 4 Million displaced people in Colombia. It  interweaves documentary sequences with audio parts similar to those of a radio drama, asking the audience to create the missing image from their own idea of what a refugee is.

In a dark room, the visitor is surrounded by three screens. They form an asymmetrical triangle which allows to observe only two of them simultaneously. The audience is forced to follow the appearance of images and sound by turning towards what comes in continuously. This creates a spacial participation as if being within the refugee's community.


The audiovisual experience is created through very short snippets of interviews with displaced individuals from Colombia, associative and epic sequences, documentary scenes as well as specifically set up scenes and audio drama sequences on black screen.


The production of the installation
was financially supported by the
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.


The 3 channel video installation is presented in 25mins loops.

The dramaturgic presentation allows for entering and leaving
the space at any time.

The installation is available in Spanish with German or English subtitles.