The Installation – Technical Data
Duration: approx. 25 min. / loop
Aspect Ratio: 16:9, colour, HD 1080p
3 screens 2m x 1,13
(the images of the web version are shown side by side
while the screens in the room form an asymmetrical triangle)

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: German and English (hardcoded)
Recording formats: HDV, DVCam, Super-8
(Resolution of the web version: 1280x360 Pixel / mp4) Year of production: 2010
© catlinafilm 2010

The installation – short synopsis

“Desplazado“  traces the innermost life of a group of displaced people living together in a refugee's camp outside a big Columbian city. Nearly all of them are farmers who were forced to flee from their land. Having escaped from the armed conflict between guerrilla, paramilitary forces and state power they ended up in poor wooden huts feeling abandoned to their fate.

The deprivation of their homeland, culture and livelihood as well as the loss of dignity and human rights are now defining the state of mind they are living in, their life as a displaced person, as a “desplazado“. Questions about identity, about victimhood and perpetrators, ruminations about guilt and complicity follow them day and night.

It seems impossible to escape one´s sense of desolation: "I know where I‘m from but nobody can tell me where I'm going to go."